KKD 2023

A mission determined to demystify governance and deliver democratic dividends to the people of Oyo South.

Demystify Governance

Connecting the people through

The issues identified

Jeka Dasi

It is not a mere political slogan, while it aptly captures my reasons for getting involved in politics to create impact, it also doubles as an acronym for what I intend to do in order to fix the issues identified.


of people (human capital development) and communities (visible infrastructural development).

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to qualitative standards in basic amenities, primarily in the Education, Health and Water sectors.

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via a 3-pronged approach that focuses on JOB security, FINANCIAL security and PHYSICAL security. I believe that these 3 are mutually inclusive, interwoven, and interdependent variants. A population where people are gainfully employed with opportunities for financial freedom will ultimately experience a reduced propensity to crime.

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because I believe no voice should be left unheard. No one should be left behind. For democracy to be sustainable, I believe that it should allow each and every citizen to participate in political processes and represent their interests and concerns. Substantial evidence points to the exclusion of marginalized and minority groups from political and policy decision-making processes as a key factor in civil conflict and instability, which in turn affects the level of progress we should attain.

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The Immediate Deliverables

These are solutions myself and my team has identified as quick wins to achieve to alleviate some of the issues even as political campaigns are on.