Oyo South

Oyo South is one of the 3 senatorial districts in Oyo state, housingabout 45% of the state’s population [7,010,864 (2016)]. It comprises of 9 local governments and a total of 99 wards.

6 of its 9 local governments, namely, Ibadan North, Ibadan Northeast, Ibadan NorthWest, Ibadan Southwest, Ibadan Southeast and Ido, make up the core of the state capital of Ibadan, and thus serve as the state’s economic melting pot and commercial nerve centre. The other 3 local governments are in the Ibarapa Zone; namely Ibarapa East, Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North.

Oyo South is also made up of a blend of urban and suburban areas, with its more rural communities existing mostly in the Ibarapa zone (the other 3 local governments) of the district.

The Constituents | Other Quick Facts

Oyo South hosts the highest number of tertiary institutions in the state, and thus explains its high demography of young people.

Ibadan, the core of Oyo South, is now Nigeria’s second most-attractive city for tech startups.

The Ibarapa zone of Oyo South is largely agrarian, blessed with vast agriculturally-viable land.

Oyo South also boasts of the largest voting population in the entire state.